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HeroEngine Support

We are excited to welcome you to our HeroCloud community! You are joining a growing community of thousands of developers who have trusted HeroCloud with creating their online game.

Here is where you can find a variety of resources to help you get up to speed faster and be more productive when using HeroEngine. Links to our wiki, forums, tutorials, videos, and more can be found below. If you’re just getting started with HeroEngine, check out the resources below.

 bg herocloud biz frameHeroEngine Forums

The HeroEngine Forums is our community site for concrete help and just general discussion. Browse through already existing forum threads or ask a new question by creating your own. We welcome beginners and experts to post and help each other out with HeroEngine. Our forums are also managed by HeroEngine engineers and staff. We also love hearing about project updates through our forums. Please keep us informed of your progress! HeroEngine Forums


bg herocloud biz frameHeroEngine Wiki

Our wiki is one of the best documented in the industry. We take pride in constantly updating the wiki. If you see anything missing, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our proprietary HeroEngine script is similar to JavaScript or Action Script, but still has nuances that can take time to learn. Find example code and general scripting tips in our wiki: HeroEngine Wiki


bg herocloud biz frameTutorials

Learning HeroEngine can take time. Check out our tutorials on YouTube. If you’d like a specific tutorial added, please add a thread to the forum. We love getting your feedback on extra tutorials and resources that you think would help you in becoming a HeroEngine master:


bg herocloud biz frameReference Games

We built reference worlds to provide developers using HeroEngine with example implementations of systems that would be necessary to operate various types of games. The demos were created with part-time work from a few of our engineers and are designed to provide developers using HeroEngine with example systems necessary to operate various types of online games, and hopefully to make the onboarding process to learning HeroEngine easier.