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HeroCloud Sales are Back Online with Stripe
    The wait time is over, and we appreciate your patience during the downtime while we migrated to a completely new billing platform and payment provider. now handles all HeroCloud Payment processing, and the purchase pipeline for new HeroCloud worlds is back online.       Stripe is a technology company that allows both private

The Repopulation now Available on Steam
  The Repopulation is now available via Steam Early Access, and it’s currently on sale for as little as 19.99 USD. Go checkout the indie sensation that’s taking on the big devs, and support your

Visions of Zosimos Open Alpha
    Mark your calendars fellow alchemists, because the Visions of Zosimos Open Alpha Phase II begins November 22nd! We are proud to show off our new updates based off of previous customer feedback

New Developer Spotlight Video, And Other Developer News
We posted a highlight reel on our YouTube channel spotlighting some games powered by HeroEngine that we debuted at GDC.  Have you seen it yet?   It’s been a while since we posted an update on the

HeroEngine Licensee Zenimax announces Elder Scrolls Online
    There was a media frenzy yesterday around Game Informer’s June cover reveal of Zenimax’s much anticipated MMO, Elder Scrolls Online.  A HeroEngine licensee, Zenimax has been working on the game

HeroEngine Technology Critical To Swtors Successful Launch
      The Old RepublicTM, was released to the wider public. Importantly, this also marks the first release of a major game built using the HeroEngineTM, an integrated development platform for

SWTOR is Live!
      After more than five years in production and as much as $200 million dollars thrown into the game, StarWars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) was released at midnight today. That makes SWTOR EA’s

Prime BFD Marching On
      If you haven’t checked out the progress on Prime BFD in a while, they’ve made some pretty amazing strides forward in the past couple of months.  There’s a recent video of PvP combat (see it

HeroCloud Developer In the News: Massively Interviews Burning Dog Media
    Burning Dog Media scored an exclusive interview with Massively for their upcoming MMO Origins of Malu, currently being developed on the HeroCloud platform. The interview is chock full of the

HeroCloud Now Provides Essential Middleware
    We are very excited to announce some great news for HeroCloud developers. We have purchased the following licenses for all HeroCloud developers. This means you no longer need to secure your own

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