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HeroEngine Sale: A Big Thank you!
    Our Anniversary sale is over, We want to thank everyone that joined the HeroEngine Community. Thank you for all the support! We want to recognize the many promising projects starting up and some great progress in development from our current games. Let us know if you have any news you would like us to announce and share. Good work Dev Teams!

HeroEngine Source Sale
Idea Fabrik is celebrating our 5th anniversary of the release of HeroCloud, our real-time online collaborative Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) and Virtual World development platform, by announcing a

Visions of Zosimos at GenCon
We wanted to let you guys know that Visions of Zosimos is having an AMAZING convention at Gen Con 2015! We are running a tournament, the final tournament winner will receive a $250 prize! Even

Sales are back online
We are happy to announce that HeroCloud and HeroEngine sales were back online 3 days early. Our first sales of the New Year was the 28th. Please help to spread the word!

HeroEngine Licensee Zenimax announces Elder Scrolls Online
    There was a media frenzy yesterday around Game Informer’s June cover reveal of Zenimax’s much anticipated MMO, Elder Scrolls Online.  A HeroEngine licensee, Zenimax has been working on the game

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