World Building
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Exile Online Kickstarter

    Dan Anderson and his team are focusing this Kickstarter on the raising of funds to bring the graphics within the game up to their goals and improve even more the programming that has already been done. Help support this indie team so they can bring their game to the public sooner and meet the players expectations. Their Kickstarter campaign began Sunday 8 May, 2016 and ends 7 June, 2016.

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About Exile Online


Exile Online is akin to the old school table top game Rifts RPG Tabletop, a cyberpunk genre. It has its roots in both table top and other popular MMO’s. It was inspired by the love of the genre, and popular movies and games such as Bladerunner, Akira and Ghost in The Shell.

Exile Online is a cyberpunk MMO set in a world where mankind struggles to survive against the difficulties from forces inside and out. The player is brought into a world where they must be leery of whom they align with, else they become crushed under the powerful and corrupt mega corporations.

Some of the extensive core features already developed internally are player housing and settlements, mix-and-match skill system, player character implants and open-ended game play. The player has the choice inside the game to play how they want with a variety of (non)combat systems and advancements. It is a world where the players actions can affect the game.