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Create Fully Interactive Objects and Environments with Smart Objects


Smart Objects are a powerful addition to HeroEngine’s world building tools. They allow world builders to create fully interactive objects and environments with little or no scripting skill needed at all. Simply drag any Smart Object from the Asset Library directly into the game and, with an easy-to-use menu, wire it up.



HeroEngine’s Smart Object system is built upon the concept of the Area State system. Using the Area State system any object in HeroEngine shares a one-to-many relationship with any other set of objects or Area States. Any specific Area State can be toggled, and deliver its change to any listener (such as a lever) or an object (a door opened by said lever).

Any number of listeners can respond to a change in Area State, or trigger additional Area State changes. This powerful and potentially complex system is all, once again, handled by a simple and intuitive menu directly integrated into the HeroBlade client.


Any Property of an object can be changed in response to an Area State Change. The level of complexity is limited only be the relationships established between Area States and their Children Objects.


How does this help build my game faster?


Say you’re an area builder who wants a lever that opens a door. With the Area State system, all you need to do is drop in a lever asset, assign it the “on/off” Area State. When a player clicks the lever, it toggles the state to either “on” or “off”. Meanwhile, the door associated with the lever now “knows” to either open or close — it doesn’t even need animation, because the system can translate its location. Your contraption could go even further, so that one lever not only flips open a door, but also extinguishes lights, spawns monsters, triggers a cave-in, or anything else your team can imagine!

Once again, HeroEngine provides the foundation and a powerful toolset to make your project’s specific needs a reality!


Smart Object Features


  • Area States apply to any Object or Asset in the Engine
  • Powerful one-to-many relationships between Objects and States
  • HSL (HeroScript Language) support for conditional relationships and complex multi-tiered cause & effect States
  • Any property of any Object or Asset can be modified
  • Powerful collaborative real-time test environment