Particle System
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AI and Pathfinding System


The Artificial Intelligence systems in HeroEngine have been designed with the unique needs of MMO games as a focus. As with all other features of HeroEngine, we supply the groundwork and give you the tools to craft a system custom-tailored to your project’s specific needs.


AI System Features:

  • Supports agents as any arbitrary object, not just NPCs.
  • Each agent has its own AI stack implemented as a finite state machine.
  • Agents can modify their own behavior.
  • States can be created through inheritance, allowing for easy extension and reuse.
  • Support for creating dynamic groups of agents that act together.



A powerful AI System is nothing without an intelligent, adaptive, and robust pathfinding system to compliment it. Utilizing a plug-in architecture, HeroEngine delivers a highly customizable real-time adjustable pathfinding solution. Whether you use our turnkey solution, or create your own, the ease of use and flexibility of HeroEngine’s pathfinding is unmatched.

Advanced visualizers provide real-time in-game feedback, of both paths available and the chosen path taken by an NPC AI. Quickly diagnose and evaluate any potential pathing errors and use the HeroBlade world building tools to resolve them in real-time.

Pathfinding Features

  • Expandable and customizable plug-in architecture allows you to choose which pathfinding implementation best fits your design.
  • Pathfinding information is gathered automatically.
  • Real-time pathfinding updates via the plug-in system.
  • Powerful visualization and tweaking tools.