HeroCloud Benifits
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Wondering exactly what you’ll get with HeroCloud?

With subscription options beginning at just $99 per year, the HeroCloud includes:

Full access to HeroEngine

The entire HeroEngine toolset is available to you in the cloud.  Build any type of online game – including MMO, RPG, FPS or any other kind of online game you can dream up.


Free hosting and bandwidth

HeroCloud is hosted in the cloud and powered by the highly scalable and tightly integrated HeroEngine back-end. We handle and pay for all your operating costs including servers, hosting and bandwidth.


All essential third party technology

We’ve paid for all middleware you will need, including Awesomium, SpeedTree and FaceGen, so you can hit the ground running. 


Integrated billing options

Monetize your game from day one.  We’ve integrated and handle all of your billing options so you do not have to. We have PlaySpan’s 140 global billing options.


Your game published your way

Options to publish your game as a stand-alone client, streaming to players, or let players play on the web.


Get access to cool new features and updates.

Including all new reference worlds and games, and get all updates and patches for the HeroEngine. 


Great support

Get up to speed quickly. Learn from our demo games or purchase a template world with your world.  We’ve currently got template worlds for an FPS, space shooter, and a social farm game. 

Learn from our rapidly growing community of over 10,000 HeroCloud developers in the forums.  Our forums are managed by the developers that created the engine and a great team of Volunteer Support staff tht are developers just like you.  


Once your game is live

You keep 70% of the money your game makes to cover operating costs.


Ready to start building your game with HeroCloud? Get started today.