• MAKE ANY TYPE OF GAME MMO, RPG, FPS, Social or any other game you can dream up
  • UP AND RUNNING in the cloud immediately. Zero server set-up
  • EDIT REAL TIME in the same environment  with the rest of your team
  • NO COMPLICATED local network or reversioning software to set-up
  • INTEGRATED TOOLS Get necessary middleware, including SpeedTree and FaceGen
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Realtime Collaborative Platform

HeroEngine is the first and only cloud-based, real-time collaborative platform that empowers game developers to seamlessly create together from anywhere in the world.

Create Professional Games

HeroEngine hosted in the cloud, along with integrated global billing and distribution platforms. Once your game is live, keep 70% of all game revenues.

Focus On Your Game

Game back-end is expensive and requires tons of server expertise. For as low as $99 a year, let HeroEngine tke care of that while you focus on making great games

Get Your Game Live Faster

Publish your online games in less time, start to finish. No downtime- everything you build works instantly. Log in anywhere and build your game in your own online world.

Elder Scrolls Online

Why HeroEngine?Farmer 3D

HeroEngine is the only all-in-one development platform for making and operating online games.

We save you valuable time so you can focus on game development and not server development and maintenance.

We handle all your Billing needs with an All-In-One package.

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About Visions of Zosimos:

 About The Game: Features

VoZ is an Alchemical MMOCCG. The first of its kind to incorporate a real social environment alongside PvP and PvE gameplay.

Visions of Zosimos is a unique blend of the strategy, role-playing and collectible card game genres, allowing players across the board to experience a new form of cooperative and competitive play. Drawing inspiration from real ancient texts, players take the role of a student of Alchemy, an ancient precursor to Chemistry with an emphasis on mysticism and mythology, as well as the transmutation and binding of elemental and spiritual forces.

  • 3D Turn-based tactical tabletop war game/CCG
  • In-game Deck Builder allowing any combination of cards
  • Personalized ultimate deck to fit your unique play style
  • PvE and PvP game modes, with additional modes in development
  • Unprecedented strategic options
  • Multiple maps available with distinct stories and environments.
  • MMO Social and Game-play aspects
  • Microtransaction: Card packs, cosmetic items and homunculi