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IFS Dynamic Weeds Pack 1a

Seller: IF Studios
File Size: 0.00MB
Price: $6.99  -$1.00

A simple set of plants that can be used in both desert and tropical environments. These can be used easily as Mesh Dynamic Detail or select the models individually to be placed. All dynamic detail models can be used as static models as well.

Dynamic Detail: Select the textures you wish you use as billboard grass/plants.
Mesh Dynamic Detail: Select the meshes you wish you use for mesh Dynamic Detail.
Static Mesh: Add any of the models to your library for manual placement as you wish.

Asset Count: 32
- 10 plain ground cover
- 10 flowering ground cover
- 9 single flower
- 3 groupped flowers

File Information
Total File Size 2.4MG
Number of assets 32
Included Files 35
Poly Count 118-4290
Model Format .HGM
Texture Format .dds
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